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The Screwtape Letters by: C.S Lewis — Book Review


Hi friends, today I want to share my review of “The Screwtape Letters” by: C.S Lewis.

The Main Storyline

So the storyline of this book is like this. Wormtail is tasked by Screwtape to handle a client (In this case a client is a human individual, that the devil's subordinates are trying to influence him with bad things), and the content of this book is the letters that Screwtape sends in order to help Wormtail with this job of influencing humans.

My Opinions And Feelings On The Book

In my opinion, this book has a really unique reading experience than other books because C.S Lewis makes us the reader like spies looking through the enemies' documents, and through this experience, I think C.S Lewis tells us to dodge and even fight back the enemies strategies and attacks. In this case, the enemy is the Devil and his subordinates. Ohh yeah, I forgot to mention that the content of the book is all about Christianity and religion.

Hi Friends, I’m Dominggo Mau a self-Taught Teenager UI/UX Designer based in Jakarta, Indonesia

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